celulite treatment


What is a Celulite Treatment Center?

A celulite treatment center is a specialized treatment center for celulite. celulite is such a widespread complaint that there has developed a need for special celulite treatment centers. At a celulite treatment center, you can learn all about the causes of celulite and the various treatments that are available for celulite. The practitioners and staff at celulite treatment centers are trained and knowledgeable and can help you to learn about celulite and the best treatment for your celulite. 

Personalized Celulite Treatment Plan

At a celulite treatment center, you can find a celulite treatment plan that is customized to your needs. A celulite treatment center can be accredited by the America Skincare and celulite Expert Association. As such, the celulite treatment center will provide scientifically proven treatments for skin care and treatments for celulite. The Endermologie lipomassage treatments, that these accredited celulite treatment centers offer include deep skin manipulation from the exclusive Independent Motorized Rollers, IMR that is powered by LPG technology.

Endermologie® Roller Technology

The electric motorized device uses rollers, which move independently of each other to draw the skin into different shapes and thicknesses that are customized for different skin types. With the device, the skin is massaged at a deep level. The two rollers will either both roll up at different speeds for sculpting the contours, both roll outwards for aging or loose skin or roll inwards for excess or dense fat area. 

The rolling actions create an area of suction on the skin. The purpose of this action is to improve circulation, stretch the connective tissue, revitalize the skin’s appearance and mobilize fluids. Other related benefits include the softening of scars and lessening of minor pain. Each treatment with the roller device takes about thirty minutes. Endermologie® has been recommended as a treatment to be used after liposuction to reduce the lumpy appearance. The treatments can tone the skin while it smoothes the area that received the liposuction treatment.

Less Fat, Sculpted Contours and Improved Appearance to Skin 

With regular sessions with the Endermologie® treatments that are available at accredited celulite treatment centers, it is possible to reduce stubborn fat deposits, slim the contours of the body, revitalize, and smooth the skin’s appearance. The deep massaging action of the roller technology works consistently at a deep level and depending on the direction of the rollers, the action can sculpt the body, reduce fat deposits and improve the skin’s appearance. The celulite treatment centers offer information about all their services and contact information.